Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Look, first things first, there is nothing as magic which can tell a woman is pregnant, obviously, have to carry on some scientific ways to confirm but still when a specific condition arises in the body, the body gives a call. It tells by some physical and physiological symptoms that there is something going on and women have to pay attention to it.

Pregnancy is a change that every woman would love to experience and would want to witness at every stage of it no matter how difficult it is to bear a baby; she would still want to have one.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. The very first of the symptom that is a sure shot to pregnancy is that she is going to miss her periods. When she would try to conceive and she actually would then the very next month when the period cycle is about to begin, she would notice the changes but the periods would not come. This would mean that her egg has been fertilized by the sperm and the embryo is now ready to get settled into the uterus inside the safe cushion of the placenta where it would develop into a baby.
  2. She will have to bear through the blood spotting just like the one that can come before the menstrual cycle starts. It determines the onset of periods but with this spotting, it is actually the blood coming down from uterus where the embryo implants itself and because of this implantation, blood is released in the form of spots or patches which are infrequent. So if she witnesses such blood spots that can also indicate the beginning of her pregnancy period.
  3. Along with the discharge of blood, there is also another type of discharge that comes out in a heavy form and it is the vaginal discharge. The difference lies in these two discharges is that this vaginal discharge is white in color and it continues to come out throughout the period of pregnancy. Sometimes, this type of discharge also takes place in case of different diseases, but in the case of pregnancy, this discharge is pretty normal and she does not have to get worried about it. This discharge comes out from the vaginal lining which thickens the vagina to support the baby. There can be one problem associated with this discharge though and that is if the discharge coming out of body is itchy then should see a doctor because this can be due to some bacterial or fungal problem that might be taking place in body, so should get it cured otherwise it would cause irritation and bristles as well.
  4. Usually, nausea is the traditional way of considering that the woman has conceived. This thing gets on with its toll when they are pregnant because the pressure which is built on their nerves because of high blood pressure and a great hormonal imbalance, it creates such a situation for them. She should take her doctor’s advice before start taking any medicine or painkiller for it.
  5. The blood pressure is going to be unstable and she is going to feel highly terrible because of it. This is another of the early symptoms of pregnancy. When she notices that along with the above problems she is also losing control over blood pressure, then she is pregnant.
  6. She would get mood swings of the worst kind. Sometimes she will feel very much delighted and very confident about everything and sometime she will feel scared for all the things that she will have to bear. Usually, women get depressed thinking about the future and their pregnancy. Similarly, if she is good at mood at one moment and she would be angry at the other moment.
  7. Her energy will go down the drain. will feel weak. At the highest point where the symptoms will manifest themselves, she will be very weak to faint or fall down as soon as she stands up.
  8. Moods are not only which will become unstable. The appetite will also face the same problems. She will crave for food without any reasons and at odd timings as well. Sometimes she would not want to have or even look at any food item at all. This shift in appetite also occurs because of the hormonal changes. She cannot help them, all she can do is to stay away from the food that she does not want to have and get what she craves for.

So, these are the few early symptoms which are going to tell that women are pregnant. But the full and final conformity of it can be tested with the pregnancy test. They can do the pregnancy test very easily at home and know whether they are pregnant or not. If they are not pregnant then they should take these symptoms seriously and consult a doctor to make sure that there is no other problem bothering.


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