Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy

There are particular food items which pregnant women should eat to improve the health of herself and her baby. But during pregnancy certain food items are not suitable for women because those food items can damage the health of either of the two. These foods are needed to be avoided during pregnancy. The topic being discussed is about all the foods which should not be eaten by the women during her Gestation period.

Pregnancy is one of the most heavenly experiences for a woman. During this period not only her husband but other members of her family also care for her as much as possible. This is indeed a time where a to-be-mother needs a lot of care and support. But it does not mean that she can eat and drink anything that she wants, rather she has to take a very good care of her diet and eat certain types of food that are healthy for her. There are lots of items that she has to refrain from. We are giving you some tips for pregnancy and guide you about the proper diet during pregnancy. They are really helpful for you.

List of Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy

  • Noodles should be avoided during pregnancy because it has an excessive amount of oil and salt that increases the pressure of blood.
  • Avoid raw meat or uncooked meat. The raw meat doesn’t have nutrients and can cause different diseases of the digestive system.
  • Avoid the use of cheese because it has artificial ingredients for the development of taste and may contain bacteria that can affect the baby or even cause blood poisoning.
  • Multivitamin supplements are not suitable for pregnant woman. These include fish liver oil capsules or supplement of Vitamin A.
  • Raw eggs and the food items that contain raw eggs like custard, homemade ice creams etc are not suitable for the health of a pregnant woman. Also, avoid the foods that have eggs like cakes and cookies because eggs disturb your stomach.
  • Fried fish that is having mercury in it is very harmful to a pregnant lady. Some other types of fishes such as tuna or raw shellfish are also very dangerous for mother and the baby.
  • Milk that is not boiled contains bacteria that are harmful to the baby. Make sure that the milk should be pasteurized.
  • Alcoholic drinks or any other form of alcohol intake is extremely dangerous during pregnancy.


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