How to Get Back in Shape After Having a Baby?


Staying in shape should be our preferences because it ensures our health. Delivering a baby is not an easy task and when a woman is pregnant her body changes from every point and expands like it has never expanded before. To get back in shape requires effort. It should be kept in mind that women cannot go back to they exactly were before having a baby but still they can manage to have a beautiful and fit body.

Here are some tips which can be brought into practice in order to bring back the shape of women’s body after having a baby.

Tips to Get Back in Shape After Having a Baby

1. Exercise During Pregnancy:

First of all, it is important to know that women should be doing light day to day exercises while they are pregnant to keep their body active. This will help greatly when they will have to restore their shape after delivering the body. Lying on the bed for ninth months without any exercise will make the task difficult. Special coaching should be given to the ladies by a trainer while they are pregnant.

2. Rest after Delivering the Baby:

Women should not directly go for exercises after having a baby. The body should be given enough time to relax and get back to its previous health and form. The wounds should be healed properly before the body gets to bear more burdens.

3. Trainer’s Help:

Consult a specialist or a trainer who knows how to set the routine for exercise because it is the only thing that can help ladies to tighten their muscles in order to restore them to their original position.

4. Everyday Walk:

The best and the finest way of losing weight and getting body shape after pregnancy is to maintain everyday walking exercise. It does not require efforts and it can be done at anytime.

5. Exercise After Delivery:

It is not easy to start with exercises which will help them get back the shape of their body. There is no need to do heavy exercises throughout the week. It is good to keep it simple and for that, 30 minutes almost thrice in a week would help greatly at the beginning.

6. Tighten the Loose Skin:

The task is to tighten the loose skin that spoils the shape after delivering the baby. This can be done by performing crunches which is an easy exercise. It can be done by lying flat and placing hands behind the head and then lifting the shoulders up and down. This will help tighten the belly muscles and regain its shape in a very short frame of time.

7. Control Eating:

Women need to watch what they eat. They should keep a track of their diet and include vegetables in their daily meal. Half of the plate should consist of vegetables; the other half should contain meat and other food items.

8. Losing the Stretch Marks:

The next task is to get rid of the stretch marks which are formed because of the stretching of the skin during pregnancy. The use of baby oil can help in this regard. It is essential to take a warm shower and let the pores to open. When they are done with taking shower, they should apply some baby oil on the place where there are stretch marks. Massage for two minutes and then leave it to dry. This will help very easily to remove the marks. It should be remembered that of women perform this task even during pregnancy, it will become more effective because it will not allow the marks to be formed when the skin is stretching.


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