How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

How to stop pregnancy naturally is considered the most important question among people of countries that are suffering from the high birth rate. Many people want to avoid such problem but they are unable to do so or feel ashamed discussing this with anyone. We provide useful methods for men and women to tackle the problem of pregnancy in the Urdu language. A lot of pregnancy tips are given here and by following them the couples may avoid further pregnancy. We hope these will be useful for anyone searching the options to control the birth rate in their family.

There are many methods to stop pregnancy and few organizations are giving awareness about it through proper planning and training. However, women can make efforts individually to avoid further pregnancy by following simple instructions. First of all, they should avoid sexual intercourse with their husbands 3 days before and 10-12 days right after the menstruation period. The eggs in the ovary are mature these days, which fertilizes after getting in contact with sperms which results in pregnancy. So, try to avoid sexual intercourse these days. If you are not sure of these days, you can analyze some indicators like if there is no evacuation of mucus, the high temperature of the cervical area and your emotions are also uncontrollable in these days. You can even look for a fertility calculator on the internet to see what your most fertile day are, try to avoid sex in those days. Therefore, you should take very much care these days to avoid pregnancy naturally.

Feeding your children also minimizes the effects of pregnancy because physiological effect stops flourishing of egg in the ovary. Apart from that, you can use a condom to avoid pregnancy. Condom restricts sperms to enter into ovary and couple can still enjoy the intercourse at full. But be sure to use a quality condom because some inexpensive condoms can burst inside and only a single sperm can result in pregnancy. Some medicines are also available in this regard but these have dangerous effects on the health of women. So, try to minimize the use of such medicines while going for sexual intercourse.

You can also use spermicidal medicines, which are available with aerosol and liquid form. Apart from that, virginal tablets are also placed inside the vagina, which eliminates the effects of sperms. Women can also sheet to stop the entrance of sperms as men use condoms for this purpose. Some males also go for medical operations of vasectomy in which their ejaculatory duct is blocked and sperms cannot ejaculate. Similarly, women can also go for the operations, which are called tubal occlusion. In this operation, fallopian tubes of women are blocked and the chances of pregnancy are eliminated for whole life.


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