How To Get Pregnant?

how to get pregnant

How to Get Pregnant: With the daily life, we are in nowadays, getting pregnant is not always as easy or quick as most people think it will be. With so much attention paid to birth control in the media, it almost seems like the moment a woman tries to conceive, it would happen instantly. Sadly, that is often not the case, and the process can end up being long, tiresome and even frustrating for some couples. To be able to become pregnant there are certain facts that you should be aware of and use them in your lifestyle and your lovemaking, which will dramatically increase your chances to become pregnant.

Women should avoid using medicines for this purpose because more than often, these medicines have side effects, which are harmful to the body. Instead, a woman should follow a natural way to get pregnant. The sexual intercourse must be increased 4-5 days right after female menstruation because, in these days, women are most likely to get pregnant. Some other precautions should also be taken as do not let the body temperature to increase because, after intercourse, the body is likely to have an increased temperature. This can be harmful to the pregnancy.

The women should consider the pregnancy diet before getting pregnant to maintain her health. This diet should have consisted of iron, folic acid, and minerals because these are very important for the body. If you used to have tea and coffee or love to eat chocolates, cut down your habit. These things have caffeine in a certain amount, which is not good for a pregnant woman. Smoking is another harmful factor for pregnancy. A woman should avoid smoking cigarettes because nicotine is disastrous for the fertility process of pregnancy. Even a pregnant woman should keep herself away from the smoke of cigarettes to cut down the harmful effects on her pregnancy.

After the 28 days period, take a complete medical examination and if the pregnancy test is positive, strictly follow the above instructions. If reports are negative then some precautions should be followed while making intercourse. A woman should take a rest of 6 to 10 minutes after intercourse instead of going to the washroom. Apart from that, the sperms of your partner should be tested medically. It is best to make intercourse only for one time in two days because sperms will be more powerful.


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